Rohit Mujumdar

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I recently graduated with an MS in Computer Science (specializing in Machine Learning) from Georgia Tech and am working as a Software Engineer at NCR.

I am currently working with Prof. Srijan Kumar as a graduate student researcher. We are developing a reputation system for Birdwatch , Twitter’s new notes-based, community-driven feature to address misinformation. Apart from designing new note-ranking metrics that would be robust against manipulation attacks, we are also quantifying user reliability in writing and rating notes

I had a great time working as a Research Intern in Summer 2020 at IBM Research, working with the Cloud Services Design Analytics group. The internship was a very fulfilling and fruitful experience with the following outcomes:

  • A patent filed with the USPTO (first-author)
  • A poster published at INFORMS2020 : "Best Poster (Honorable Mention)" Award
  • Productionized model, contributing to 30M USD cost-savings
  • Prior to commencing my MS degree in Fall 2019, I worked in NLP Research and Engineering at the AI startup Froot Research, where I was one of the first few employees and was mentored by the founder Amit Gautam.

    I earned a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering in 2017 from Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune, where I was advised by Dr. Manasi Patwardhan.

    In my spare time, I like learning and shooting dance videos. You can see a few of them on my YouTube channel. I practice Yoga everyday and am an ardent promoter of mental health awareness.

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    Research Interests

    My research interests lie in Applied Machine Learning particularly in Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Graphs. I am especially interested coupling ML/NLP/Graph Learning with social media, online communites and with computational social sciences.

    In The Media
    3DSP A Heuristic Approach To Compute Service Request Resolution Time (Poster)
    Rohit Mujumdar, Pawan Chowdhary, Shubhi Asthana.
    Keywords: time series analysis, operations research, ticket resolution, predictive model
    INFORMS 2020, Best Poster Award (Honorable Mention Award)

    Using statistical analyses and regression-based techniques to predict the resolution times of incident tickets. Using techniques like dynamic rolling window, auto-regressive window-flip and artificial data creation to to deal with data eccentricities.

    Selected Projects
    3DSP Do Scientific Ideas Originating from more Prestigious Universities Spread Faster?
    Rohit Mujumdar, David Kartchner
    (Data Science for Epidemiology, Fall 2020. Georgia Tech)
    Keywords: epidemiology, microsoft academic graph, natural language processing, epistemiology

  • Investigated the imbalance in the spread of ideas across academic research networks caused due to differences in academic prestige using disease spread models adapted from epidemiology. .
  • Assessed if idea spread is driven by connectivity amongst original authors or the explicit prestige of their institution
  • report | code | software
    3DSP Can Machines Detect if you’re a Jerk?
    Rohit Mujumdar, Parvathy Sarat, Prathik Kaundinya, Sahith Dambekodi
    (Deep Learning, Fall 2020. Georgia Tech)
    Keywords: natural language processing, deep learning, ai ethics, reddit, computational social science

  • Used language models to assess if we can replicate the sentiments shared by Redditors and classify the Redditor's original post according to the verdict that was declared by rest of the Redditors.
  • Attempt to understand how a machine performs in a task that is entirely subjective but is possibly objective
  • report | code
    3DSP Conference Paper Acceptance Prediction
    Rohit Mujumdar, Rohan Goel, Arthita Ghosh, Shravani Sistla, Neha Pande.
    (Machine Learning, Spring 2020. Georgia Tech)
    Keywords: natural language processing, machine learning, feature engineering, peer read dataset

  • Investigated the role of peripheral features of research papers in their potential acceptability
  • Devised several innovative features such as abstract novelty and complexity, research strength score, title word-cloud etc
  • report | code | video
    3DSP Semantic Search Engine using a Dynamic Ontology
    Rohit Mujumdar, Poshraj Sharma, Pranjal Patil, Akanksha Patil, Dr Manasi Patwardhan.
    Keywords: natural language processing, semantic search, ontology, triplet extraction, entity-relation-entity, phrase2vec, education technology
    (Undergrad Capstone Project, 2016-17, VIT Pune)

  • Developed an e-learning platform for government schools by implementing a dynamic science ontology to store triplets (Entity-Relation-Entity) extracted from web-scraped data.
  • Devised a Phrase2Vec model driven similarity-scoring algorithm to replace similar Relations by a representative Relation.
  • report | video | code


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